About Us

Paul BrainardPaul has been involved in construction and contracting nearly all of his working career. Starting out in boat building in the late 80′s, and working in remodel and new construction through the early 90′s. Paul went on his own in 1996, starting Creative Construction & Remodel, Inc. Since then the company has been doing remodels and additions as it’s main focus, but have also built a number of custom homes as well as the odd commercial renovation and public works project.

In 2009 Paul tackled what had long been an issue in residential work and developed a specification manual to aid clients in pre-planning the finishes for their projects. The manual helps clients to focus on and select products and finishes prior to commencement of construction. This helps to create an even and consistent bidding platform for sub-contractors. It also helps clients stay on budget, as they are able to see all the project costs before starting, something that had previously been done by “allowances”.

Paul is joined in the business by his wife of 20 years, Liz, who handles the accounting and other office work. Sons Austin (8), and Jesse (5) also enjoy helping Dad whenever they are able.

Paul is a member of the Building Industry Association of Washington, and serves his community as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician. Paul also operates a side business he refers to as his “therapy”. A Bobcat service that specializes in industrial and heavy mowing, as well as other brushclearing and Bobcat related services.